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                 Santa Claus is coming!

                            To a receiver near you.

The holidays are coming and the kids are starting to anticipate Christmas. Sometimes a great introduction to ham radio that entertains the younger set is to let them speak to Santa on the air.

Each year a 14300 khz regular puts on what is known as a "Santa
Claus Net" bringing volunteer Santa's into ham shacks and other
places the world over.

Volunteer Santa's choose a clear frequency in the general portion of
the 20 meter band and let it be known on 14300 khz where they'll
be. Folks with youngsters to entertain can then tune in and give
their youngsters a chance to talk with Santa over the air.
This year dates will be December 23 and 24, from 1400 to 2000 EST.
Check with the Maritime Mobile Service Net on 14.300 MHz for the actual Santa clause operating frequency, 14.325 MHz as first choise, but may be operating between 14.305 MHz and 14.325 MHz.

Sometimes lady ops will play Mrs.Claus to the delight of the children.
What a great way to introduce the grandchildren to ham radio when
visiting over the holidays. Let them talk to Santa Claus.
Explain how radio waves propagate on hf and tune to the twenty
meter band to find Santa ready and waiting to hear from the kids


            Santa Claus 2015 Net

December 23rd and 24th 2015
Time: 1400 to 2000 ET.
: from 14.305 to 14.325 MHz.

Here is the schedule. If you want to volunteer as Santa, please contact AA4EE at the email address below.

December 23 December 24
1400 1900 AA4EE AA4EE
1500 2000 KJ4AVE K0IBM
1600 2100    
1700 2200    
1800 2300 WX4PBC WX4PBC
1900 2400 AA4EE AA4EE
2000 0100 K0IBM WX4PBC

Email Bob AA4EE with any questions. Click HERE to email Bob.

Link to a 2011 newspaper article about the Santa Claus Net featuring Joe W1WCN.




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